A Different Path to Blogging

Life isn’t always straightforward, and the path isn’t always clear. But then what would be the fun if there wasn’t a challenge? Where would the sense of accomplishment be if there wasn’t some work involved?

False Starts

I thought it might be fun to try a blog, and what could go wrong? Hey, many blind people have fabulous blogs. Why not give it a go. Easy. Right?

  • Go to wordpress.com and set up my new shiny account
  • Pick a blog name
  • Check out the editor and formatting toolbar

And that’s about where the wheels fell off the bus so to speak.

I use a screenreader that reads screen content out loud, but it is dependent on good under-the-hood coding on websites so that the screenreader software can interpret things. I’m not a technical geek, so no techie explanations. Whether the issue was the human end of the equation or the platform, or both, bottom line is I found the whole experience very frustrating. Definitely not the fun and exploring experience that I was expecting.

Lightbulb Moment

Not being defeated quite yet, I thought there must be another way. Google? Any answers? I rejected self-hosting, and found that posting from Word wasn’t going to work either. Two strikes.

But what about html? Once upon a time I taught myself some basic html. I also use Duxbury Braille Translation software to produce braille, which uses a markup language very similar to html – start and end tags – I understand that concept. Yay! Maybe, just maybe, I can apply some old knowledge to some newer knowledge, and create some brand new knowledge to solve my problem.

Again, I checked in with my buddy Google. Bingo! On her WordPress blog Learning from Lorelle Lorelle VanFossen beautifully explains “The 10 HTML Tags You Must Know to Blog”.

So, this just might be my solution. I have created this blog with html markup to see how or if it will work.

  1. Use a simple text editor such as Notepad and write a post
  2. Add html tags for headings, lists, emphasis, links, quotes, etc
  3. Save it as an .htm or .html file with UTF-8 encoding
  4. Copy and paste it into WordPress using the Text Editor

Voila! My first real post! Relatively easy, and no battles with the nasty WordPress editor and toolbars. Perhaps I have found a blogging path that works for me and one that I can travel independently.

Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley
Theodore Roethke


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